Country Living Fair

Country Living Fair

Itssewsimple was invited to work at the Country Living fair last month and jumped at the opportunity. Quickly researching what we could make in the 45 minute session with no sewing machines? Mmmm

So once the CL agreed on a fabric keyring we quickly go sourcing materials. We ordered, embroidery thread, needles, keyrings, ribbon, bondaweb, printed cotton and coloured felt. This has to be my favourite part of all, sourcing materials. I love fabrics and trimmings, so a great excuse to shop.

Once the materials arrived I soon established that there was no way I could cut 280 felt hearts out myself, so I asked some work colleagues if they could show me how to use the school laser cutter. I have attached some short videos and images demonstrating how quick and accurately laser cutters work. I obviously want one.

Next was heat pressing all the floral hearts to the felt ones, using a heat press, another machine I want. Then I started to make some samples to help write my instructions. I wrote a 10 stage instruction sheet to help, as I am aware everyone works at different speeds and this will help different abilities.

I managed to rope my mother in law in to help pack 140 kits. We started at 9am and we’re still going strong at 230pm.

Off to the first show, my basket was full. I wasn’t nervous at all, just worried that I had enough of everything and hadn’t forgotten anything.

I have never taught with a microphone and camera on my hands before, so I was excited for the change. I can best describe it as posh teaching. I’m on a stage and my every word is heard by an open plan classroom. It was so much fun, the 45 minutes went so quickly and I met so many lovely people. Everyone really enjoyed making their key rings and frankly they were better than mine. The blanket stitch part of the keyring was done with such skill by everyone. Over 4 days I did 4 workshops in total.

I also managed to find time for a little shopping and picked up a lovely vase from

I also had a lovely chat with a lady from

and picked up a cat block, some paints and a pencil case for my son to do some printing at home.

All in all the Exhibition was best described as Elegant and I was well looked after by the staff @CLfair. I look forward to the Christmas fair in December. Oooh what shall I do for them next?