Hello and Welcome to It's Sew Simple!

It's Sew Simple is a mobile sewing school. We aim to show you that the most challenging sewing tasks can be made simple. We start by teaching you basic sewing techniques, and work up towards helping you design and make your own clothes. We have very creative and tailored workshops that support all sewing abilities, whilst building your confidence, you will go away inspired wanting to make more. With It's Sew Simple, sewing is fun and easy; a life skill we can enjoy, maintaining attention to detail in beautifully-crafted textiles products. Take a look at our upcoming workshops, or buy a gift for someone special.

In the beginning ...

Well before 2015, our vision for It's Sew Simple had one objective, to make sewing simple for everyone! I fell in love with sewing when I was a very young girl, when I first made a teddy-bear with my grandmother. Over the years, I learnt to love the art of sewing, how fabrics are manufactured and work together, as well as the attention to detail required in very simple garments.

After gaining a fashion degree at Middlesex University, I went on to work as a dressmaker for several years in central London. After qualifying as a teacher, I then went on to achieve a first-class masters degree, reading Design Studies at Central St. Martins, College of Arts, London and continued my work as a full-time classroom teacher, working as a head of design department at a very successful North London secondary school.

I set up It's Sew Simple because I believed that I could open up my own 'mini-school', doing what I love best, sharing my expertise and knowledge of fashion and textiles in my own environment, far away from the target-driven culture that now exists within schools. Free, to educate children and adults about Textiles without the need for a grade ...