Simple sew classic sweat shirt pattern

Simple sew classic sweat shirt pattern

Simple sewing pattern: The Classic sweat shirt

When you make your own clothes you may as well make them a bit special, whats the point in making something plain when you can jazz it up a bit. No one else will have one like it and you can be a bit creative at the same time, making a statement piece. I also like to wear examples of what I teach. I teach at the Knitting and Stitching show twice a year, one of my workshops is all about manipulating fabrics, part of the workshop I show how to make a gather, pin tucking, pleating and making frills. I wanted to make a tip that includes one or two these.

A few weeks ago now, I cut out the simply sewing sweat shirt. since starting to sew jersey garments I have discovered that sweat shirts are so quick and easy to make, so this time I thought I would add some additional details to this one.

Gathered frill.

I have a box full of Liberty scraps, so I decided to use some cream cotton that has prity little orange flowers on it, the petals are also tiny and grey. It looks good against the black jersey I am using for the sweatshirt. I cut strips measuring 6cm wide and as long as the piece I had, about 50cm long. I cut 4 of these and sewed 2 together. I then pin hemmed both raw edges. To do this you press over 0.5cm, sew right on the very edge, then trim and press and sew again. This can take a while, take your time, as the finish is lovely. I then did two rows of gather stitch down the centre. I marked 2 lines on the front of my front panel with chalk and started to pin the gathered strip to this, making sure the edge was the right way round.

I found it very difficult finding a matching orange ribbon. I went to my local haberdashery and picked up some and I ordered some glitter ribbon in orange, black and rainbow colours online. All of which looked very different when they arrived. This is the risk of buying online, the colour doesn’t always look the same. For example the orange was too brown. Lots of the ribbons I didn’t use in the end.

Ribbon detail

I liked the black glitter ribbon, so placed this on the front of my top next to my frills. To do this I drew another straight chalk line. I couldn’t find mine, but if I did I would add a strip of bond a web to the back of the ribbon, this would make sure it’s secure first, then sewing is much easier. I also decided to add the orange velvet ribbon and the silver ribbon to the sleeves. I had to unpick the under arm first. I really like the way this looks.
I also ordered some ribbing for the hem cuff. I found this on Etsy and it took over two weeks to arrive. I will need to find a UK supplier if I’m to sell this pattern on my site. I even dyed some of the ribbon to make the colour match better.

Website. Just a little website update, I know I have mentioned this a couple of times in previous blogs, I will eventually be stocking patterns and fabrics on my site. This is quite a long process to start with, as I have to make sure I get it right and source all the right materials for you guys first. I am due to visit my wholesalers at the end of the month and will put in an order with a haberdashery very soon. I have 2 boxes of patterns ready for me to make, review and then sell. Then working with my website designer, I will be able to get everything up loaded and ready to go.

The ribbing was the perfect length for the hem, it was really easy to attach. I marked four points and pinned these in place, slightly stretching to match. I overlocker all the 3 layers together. The arm cuffs and neckline were a similar process. Sew in a loop, fold over and overlock, then pin and sew to arms and necklines. You can make this with self fabric or a similar in a different colour perhaps. I will make both to show you. I want to get some quilted jersey for this sweatshirt and as soon as I get the fabric I will put up images.

Size The sweat shirt came up quite big, it is a style that is for lounge wear, to wear around the house perhaps, so it is nice bigger. I do the school run every morning and some mornings recently its too warm for a jacket, but too cold for a t-shirt, so they would be perfect to throw on with jeans. I will make one a size smaller and see what its like. I would also like to make one without the frill, as I actually think the ribbons are enough on their own. it was always an experiment and did just happen as materials arrived and on reflection the ribbon looks great on its own. I wore it to my Textiles club and the children loved the top, especially the silver glitter ribbon. I have never worn a top with a stripe down the sleeve and it looks great.

You could make this top solely on the over locker, I think I will give this a go with the next one that I make. it is such a quick make and literally has just 8 steps. It’s Sew Simple!