Up-Cycling Workshop by @ItsSewSimple


Last week, I organised an Up Cycling workshop for under 15 year-olds. I have been given 10 pairs of old jeans to work with. I have set about thinking of ideas and decided on making bags.

As you can see from the pictures, the jeans are highly-embellished with top stitching and pocket decoration. Using dot and cross paper, I made a paper pattern from an old bag I had at home and started to cut-up the jeans.

I opened up the jeans from the inside leg seam with a un-picker. You would be surprised how much fabric goes into one leg! I used the hem as the top of one side of the bag and placed the pattern over the top edge using the pocket as detail. I made sure the pocket was not too close to the hem, as this would be too thick to sew through.


One of the pair of jeans had a strap detail with little metal d-rings and hooks. So, I cut these off and kept them to one side to use for the straps later. Once I had cut out these parts away, I over locked the seam edges with red thread to match the pocket embroidery. I had to be really careful when overlocking, as some parts of the bag were very thick. I am making a simple tote bag; it was very quick and easy to sew together, especially as I used finished edges for the top part of the bag.

I then attached the belt loops to the top, so as to attach the straps. @ItsSewSimple! I will use this as an example for the students. Students are even more creative and I they had the chance to think of their own parts/ideas to use. The embroidery machine was also available, so students added their names and/or a picture to their bags. I  also made several paper patterns, so they could all work individually; we also used freeze paper to create a stencil on their bags.

Here are some images of the students’ finished work.




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